About Us

Acacia Bay Garden Centre

A little bit about us…


Have a pleasant wander through our garden centre and enjoy the smell of fresh flowers and greenery. Chat with our friendly staff about your gardening needs or challenges and let us guide you towards a solution.

From pests and soil issues to landscaping and garden planning, we are excited to help you reach your gardening goals.

Located in Acacia Bay and established in 1984 Acacia Bay Garden Centre is a traditional garden centre for all your gardening needs.

Our vision is to offer a garden centre with something for everyone. Our number one priority is to provide quality garden-ready plants that will thrive once transplanted into your garden. Gardens are a significant investment in your property and it’s important to get it right the first time.


Garden & Landscape Consulting

Let us help you with your next gardening or landscaping project!

Take advantage of our extensive knowledge to get the best possible outcome for your garden or landscape project. We can help you with sourcing specific plant requirements and supply garden art, as well as providing advice regarding pests and diseases, soil repairs and other roadblocks you might face. Let us help you create your dream garden!